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Realize the Potential of the Metaverse

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We help builders build and players play in the metaverse

Develop or participate in NFT experiences, play-to-earn games, digital economies and worlds across Cardano and other chains using our Metaverse-as-a-Service toolkit:

NFT marketplace
Present and sell NFTs
Smart contracts
Mint and add utility to NFTs, incl. DeFI attributes
Play to earn gaming engines
Create your own blockchain mini-games
Partner integrations
Integrate your NFTs and games across the metaverse
Raise awareness and capital, and launch your blockchain game or NFT collection
Cardano connector
Enable the porting of Ethereum NFTs to Cardano and other blockchains to increase value and community size

Development Roadmap

$LACE fungible token

Lovelink, Ethereum-Cardano connector, allowing for cross-chain rewards

Adanimals NFT release on EVM, with connected rewards on Cardano

Adanimals P2E ecosystem token

Lovelace Marketplace

NFT Creator Toolkit smart contracts

Adanimals P2E game

Launch of NFT and GameFi projects from Lovelace Launchpads

Deploy Lovelace NFT smart contracts and marketplace on Cardano


$LACE Token is your ticket to the Metaverse

Purchase $LACE tokens to benefit from the following:

Discounts on NFTs and transaction fees
Access to IDO and INO launchpad
Play to Earn game transactions
Native staking

How to Buy $LACE

Token Ticker: $LACE
TGE: November, 23rd

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TOKEN Distribution

Supply: 250,000,000